MAY 2005

All courses listed on this homepage are not offered every year - please consult the School's website for an update on courses offered. The course "Investments in the IT-industry" has a new main facilitator (teacher if you like): Henrik Sällberg at the School of Management. Please consult his homepage for the updated version of the course.


Oct 2004

From Fall '04, all my courses have a login protected course site for communcation between students and teachers.


MARCH 2004

If you have not received response or grades on your projects or exams, you have probably sent your mail with wrong subject. Please use "project grading" as subject when you send mail with reports for grading. Use "uppsats" as subject when you submit your thesis work. When you submit exam answers, please follow the instructions on the exam.


Jan 2004

The mail functions on the course web pages are changed and should now work for everyone.


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