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December 2010


BSc (civilekonom) in Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics, major in Managerial Economics. 1977

Ekon. Dr., Stockholm School of Economics. 1981.


Academic positions and appointments

Doctoral student, Dept. of Managerial Economics at Stockholm School of Economics. 1978-81

Doctoral student (guest), UC Berkeley, U.S.A. Haas School of Business at UC. Berkeley. 1978-79

Researcher, Economic Research Institute at Stockholm School of Economics. 1981-90

Assistant Professor (universitetslektor), Dept. of Business Administration, Lund University. 1986

Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics. 1987-90

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Business Administration, Dept. of Business Administration, School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology. 1997-present

Head (prefekt), Dept. of Business Administration, Blekinge Institute of Technology. 1999-2003

Member of the Faculty Board, Blekinge Institute of Technology. 2004-present. Vice-chairman 2008-present

Member of the Management Board, the Swedish Research School Management and IT (MIT). 2005-present

Deputy Vice-chancellor (vicerektor), Blekinge Institute of Technology. 2008-2010

Associate Professor (docent), Blekinge Institute of Technology. 2009

Deputy Vice-chancellor (prorektor), Blekinge Institute of Technology, 2010-present


Other professional positions and assignments

Co-founder, MGH, later Beslutsmodeller AB and Scala International AB. Public company on the Stockholm stock exchange. Main product business systems. 1977-78

Managing Director, Trigram AB. Main product: computerized decision models for operations analysis. 1984-1986

Expert on housing finance. Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. 1990-1997

Senior Advisor, national commissions on housing policy. 1990-1997

Senior Advisor and Field Consultant, Russia. Advisor to the Mayor's office and the Privatization Center in St. Petersburg. 1993-97

Senior Advisor and Field Consultant, South Africa. Housing for low-income households. 1996

Senior Advisor and Field Consultant, Bahamas. Advisor to Inter-American Development Bank and the Bahamian Government. Housing for low-income households. 1999

Consultant, different mobile service development issues. 1999-2004

Consultant/teacher, Grupo ICE (Telecom incumbent, Costa Rica) on privatization issues and transition strategies. 2007 and 2008.



Areas: Corporate Finance, Investment Theory, Decision Theory, Managerial Economics. Management Control, Internet Economics,

Business Strategies in Network Industries.

MBA Program Director, School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology. 2004-2009.

Advisor to 30+ Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.


Advisor to PhD student Andreas Jacobsson, (Tech. Licentiate 2004, “Exploring privacy risks in information networks”). 2002-2004

Advisor to PhD student Henrik Sällberg, (Tech Licentiate 2004), Tech Dr 2010 “Customer Reward Programs. Designing Effective Incentives for Repeated Purchase”, 2003-2010.

Advisor to PhD student Emil Numminen, (Tech Licentiate 2008), Tech Dr 2010 “On the Economic Return of a Software Investment”, 2003-2010

Advisor to PhD student Martin Svensson, (Tech Licenciate 2010, Linköping University). 2006-present.


Completed the course for Research Advisors (FLUS). 2005.

Selected published research

On Decision Analysis

Hederstierna, A., 1981, "Decisions under Uncertainty", Economic Research Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm (doct. diss.)

Hederstierna, A., 1981, "Decisions under Uncertainty. A Note on Skewed Uncertainty Distributions", Omega, Vol. 9, No. 4

Hederstierna, A., 1982, "Characteristics: Understanding Differing Views of Relative Importance", Interfaces, Vol. 12, No. 1

Hederstierna, A., 1985, "A Remark on the Connexion between Procedure and Value", Theory and Decision, Vol. 18, No. 2.


On Business Strategies in Network Industries

Hederstierna, A,. 2004, "Förstudie Priselasticitet", Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Research, Report 2004:2, Ronneby (in Swedish) (Price Elasticity of Mobile Services: the special case of mobile payment services. Report to Vodafone AB)

Arvidsson, Å., Hederstierna, A., Hellmer, S., 2005, "Forecasting Cellular Mobile Traffic: An Econometric Approach", 19th International Teletraffic Congress, Beijing

Davidsson, P., Hederstierna, A., Jacobsson, A., Persson, J., et al., 2006, ”The Concept and Technology of Plug and Play Business”, 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Cyprus.

Arvidsson, Å., Hederstierna, A., Hellmer, S., 2007, “Simple and Accurate Forecasting of the Market for Cellular Mobile Services”, 20th International Tele Traffic Congress, Ottawa (also book chapter in Managing Traffic Performance in Congested Networks, Springer 2007)

Hederstierna, A., Sällberg, H., 2009, “Bronze, Silver and Gold: Effective Membership Design in Customer Rewards Programs”, Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation EJISE, Vol 12, No.1

Fogelström, N.D., Barney, S., Aurum, A., Hederstierna, A., 2009, ”When Product Managers Gamble with Requirements: Attitudes to Risk and Value”, 15th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ'2009).



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