Seminars Schedule

Some rules to observe about the TIEK’s seminars:

  • Seminar will generally take place on Fridays from 10.00 to 12.00. 
  • To present your research, send the title and time to I update the calendar on the research page.
  • The author selects one opponent whose job is to give fruitful comments.
  • Work presented does not need to be in a fully terminated stage, draft, re-run of conference presentation, discussion of data problem, empirical issues and research topics are entirely part of the program.
  • All PhDs and staff engaged in research have to read the work and make contributions.
  • The seminar is two hours, and maybe shorten if less time is needed. We allow to have 2 presentations during those 2 hours if required so.
  • Some seminar dates are added the week after (noted “extra”) because of public holiday or due to their closeness to conference dates. 

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