Q: Do I get an MBA-degree? A: In the Swedish higher education system, there is no such thing as an MBA degree. The degrees that we can award upon completion of this programme are described under Degree. The purpose and contents of the programme are however compatible with other MBA programmes, and you will have documentation showing not only your degree, but also the name (MBA) and contents of the programme.

Q: Is the programme accredited? A: Swedish universities like BTH are monitored and accredited by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (http://www.uk-ambetet.se). Higher education in Sweden is seldom accredited by private accreditation organizations.

 Q: Can someone help me with more information? A: For questions regarding the programme, please contact studentcentrum@bth.se. For questions regarding international admissions or student affairs for students living outside Sweden, please see International Office.

Q: How can I facilitate communication with the university? A: Please include in all e-mail conversation your personal identification number (date of birth + four digits). If you have not received one yet, please use your date of birth (yymmdd).

Q: How can the programme be free of tuition? A: See more under Tuition fees and other costs.

Q: When can I expect an admission decision? A: Somewhat dependent on the number of applications but we aim at having the decisions ready by the end of March

Q: Can I still apply for this year´s program? A: This type of info is published under Welcome.

Q: What are the chances of being admitted? A: For the programme starting in September 2013 we had around 850 applications, so the competition is high.

Q: How do I apply for deferment (postponement) of admission? A: You can find information and the application form here.

Q: Do I need special equipment for the course work? A: You only need an Internet connection and web-browser. Maybe also some extra equipment (a headset and a webcam) to use MSN Messenger and Skype. See also under "Learning technologies".

Q: How do I get the course material? A: Some is provided by us on the course web-site. Course books and some other material you need to purchase on your own. All students are expected to have all the required course material when the course work starts.

Q: How do I receive my diploma? A: You have to apply for the degree certificate. Please use this address.
It takes about about 2-3 weeks before you receive it. If you want a Ladok-certificate please contact studentcentrum@bth.se and it will only take one or a few days.

Q: What is "Swedish time"? A: For exams, scheduled discussions etc we use Swedish time as the common time reference. Swedish time is the same as CET (Central European Time), equal to GMT +1 hour.

Q: What does "7,5 credit points" mean? A: It corresponds to 5 weeks of effective studies, normally equivalent to 7,5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Q: How formal is the graduation ceremony? A: Suit for men and dress for women is suggested but not required.



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