Learning technologies

Most of the course work is carried out on the Internet where the students communicate with the teachers and discuss with each other. 

Students are encouraged to work individually as well as to collaborate in groups in projects and exam preparation. Courses are designed to help the student to learn by interacting with the other students in the programme, promoting many-to-many learning. 

All courses in the programme use the same web-based software called It's Learning. We also promote the use of IP-telephony, webcameras and other means to improve the interaction between the participants in the programme. Please download the following free software and get familiar with them. You may need to get some extra equipment like a headset and a webcam to use them fully.

IP-telephony, chat etc. Free download of Skype here

Webcam chat etc. Free download of MSN Messenger here

Adobe Connect Pro is the conference system used in the programme.

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