The requirements for admission to the programme are:

  • the degree of Master of Science in Engineering, or at least a Bachelor's degree within a technical subject area
  • at least two years of working experience following the degree (the working experience must be fulfilled when the program start)
  • documented knowledge of the English language (Engelska B). Specific eligibility in the English language from upper secondary school for non-Swedish students: TOEFL 575/90; IELTS  6.5 no section below 5.5, or University of Cambrige and Oxford tests. Detailed information is available on the website for university admission in Sweden.

A selection is made out of the group of students who fulfill these requirements, if we have more qualified students than seats on the programme. For the programme starting in September 2013 we had over 850  applications, meaning that we must say no also to qualified students.

Selection is made in two steps.


The first step is an assessment of the relevance of the student's educational background in relation to the programme. Points are given as follows:

  • Master of Science in Engineering (5 years or 3 years + 2 years) = 1 point
  • Master of Science within a technical subject area =0,5 point
  • Bachelor's degree within a technical subject area = 0 point

The second step is an assessment of the relevance of the student's working experience in relation to the programme, following the same model.

  • Manager, Project Manager, Personnel Manager, Budget and Financial responsibility = 1 point
  • Project participant = 0,5 point
  • None of the above = 0 point

In total, the student can get a maximum of 2 points. Please also note that you can get admission to the program even if you don’t receive any points. If we cannot accept all students with the same score, we decide by drawing lots.

IMPORTANT: Your working experience must be validated by your employer - a CV is not enough. We assess working experience in terms of relevance to the programme, as stated above. This means that the certificates must include enough material for us to be able to do this assessment. For instance, they should include the time of employment, the nature and scope of the job, responsibilities etc. If you have any specific questions about admission, you are very welcome to contact us. However, we receive a lot of requests for preliminary assessments of qualifications, and unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide this.












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