As a student at the School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology, you ………

…….are responsible for your own learning

We instructors can give guidelines and advice, choose suitable literature and try to create a suitable learning environment, but you are the one who does the reading, reflecting and problem solving, takes part in discussions and asks questions. You are the one who does the learning!

…..are responsible for finding the information and knowledge you need                     

If you feel that you haven´t been given the information you need, then it´s up to you to take action.  It might be a matter of uncertainty regarding the setup or contents of the course, instructions for a specific assignment, rules for examination. Taking action means actively following the course site, looking for documentation, asking questions  and so on

……contribute to the learning environment

We see our students as co-producers in a complicated knowledge process.  You are an active partner and influence both the process and the results

….. should be prepared to work hard and independently    

Full time studies mean working full time.

…..try to give constructive criticism of pieces of work – not people!

In order to develop and improve, we all – teachers and students – need feedback and ideas on the work we produce.  Criticism should be something positive, that shows the way work can be better.  That means that comments on failings should be well motivated and include suggestions for alternatives.  It also means pointing out the merits of a piece of work as well as failings.

…..follow the ethical rules of the School   

As long as you are a student at BTH there are ethical rules to follow.  You should

-  Always name your source when you use a model, idea or theory from some other author

-  Never cheat at an examination by using shortcuts not specifically allowed in the examination instructions

-  Never offend or insult an individual or the basis of his or her gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or physical disability.


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