March 20, 2009

"Eftersom jag ville lara mig mer om ledarskap och ekonomi sa bestamde jag mig for att hoppa pa MBA programmet pa BTH. Det ar det basta som jag har gjort!! Detta har varit en utbilding som har gett sa otroligt mycket och jag hoppas och tror att jag kommer fa stor anvanding av allt jag har lart mig. Jag har alltid velat starta ett eget foretag men i vilken form och i vilket land det vet jag inte riktigt an. Det har for mig varit en stor skillnad att jobba inom en stor non-profit organization som FN och forsoka applicera allt det man lar sig pa programmet. Det har varit en larorik utmaning."

- Programme student, 2008


"In sum, I liked the class very much for a number of reasons. First, unlike a traditional U.S.-based accounting course that is typically filled with too many abstruse details (most of which are forgotten after the final exam), your course stayed true to its purpose - learning fundamental accounting principles. This knowledge will stay with me for a long time; if and when I need to deepen my expertise, I will always be able to build upon the broad knowledge base you had given me.

Second, I thought that weekly assignments were a very good idea. Internet-based courses are always difficult to administer because of the lack of face-to-face contact; group work and assignments gave a course much needed structure, which helped me manage my time effectively and stay focused. As a result, I did not need to 'cram' for the final exam.

Furthermore, I liked the fact that you 'forced' us into groups - out of necessity arose an opportunity for me to meet other students and build friendships.

Lastly, I enjoyed your exam not so much because I did well on it, but rather that its free response comprehensive questions (versus the so typical multiple choice) are representative of real-life problems and allowed me to really test my understanding of accounting concepts.

Overall, the course was very well organized, the exam was fair, and the interaction with fellow students made it feel like an actual classroom environment. And thank you very much for being responsive to my questions/concerns."

- Programme student, 2005, mainly concerning the Management Control course.


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