Blekinge Institute of Technology

Welcome to the School of Management at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Research seminar Management and IT

Picture: Research seminar at the School, May 2008


We have a vision and a strong ambition to develop our fields to be relevant in a modern information society. We work at an institute with a focus on information technology which gives us a unique option to develop our subjects with access to deep technological insights.

”we are making a difference

           at the frontier

                    of the information society”

We attract students interested in our particular profile. Our profile is well known and demanded by other universities. We know our students are "modern" and have relevant knowledge in different information related topics. 

We are small, encouraging our students to influence the content and the methods in a direct dialogue with the teachers. We emphasize the role of information and information technology. Important parts of our education are carried out in projects, often in close cooperation with companies and organizations.