Entrepreneurship is one of the key drivers for the economic growth of countries and industries. Future managers need to deal with the challenges of innovation, entrepreneurship at the intersection between management and markets. This program aims to bring theoretical understanding as well as practical skills to handle different problems and opportunities related to entrepreneurship, both independently and in a business context. The program is a one-year master program including entrepreneurship; commercialisation, project management as well as the design of a business plan. Students are asked to nurture their own business ideas and prepare to formulate with academic standard their conception in a master’s thesis. 

The focus is turned toward practicalities of entrepreneurship, in particular understanding and analyzing how entrepreneurs recognize opportunities and get engaged in businesses. It will bring students to conceptualise their ideas and use relevant development tools. Those range from commercialisation methods, to project management embracing the challenge of writing a actual business plan. Those steps will be put to the test of a panel of professional businessmen and woman, who can advice, support and invest in solid projects. There is a focus on business creation, working closely with BTH’s incubator unit. The demand on quality is relentless since, in only a year, you have to synthesis new knowledge and experience in a coherent master thesis.

The program is continually evaluated and developed which may cause the courses offered and the position of the courses to change.

Overview of the structure:


 Course code



Entrepreneurship and the

innovative firm, 10 hp


Commercialisation, 10 hp


Entrepreneurial regions, 10 hp


Research Method, 5 hp


Project Management, 5 hp


Business Plan Design, 5 hp 


Entrepreneurial thesis, 15 hp


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