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Campus life

The student union is a well-functioning institution that offers travelling, outdoor activities and cultural discoveries all year round.  They also have an ear for your special needs and interests.  So please check the student union website.


Photography Credit: Pierre Frieberg, 2008.

Going out

  • Karlskrona has a lot to offer if you want to go out. There is 4 clubs (Statt, Sliver, Karlskrona Konsthall, Piraten) right in the middle of town which offer not only a dance floor but brings their own special evenings and concerts.
  • You can roam easily between music styles from club soundsystems, jazz and world music to heavy metal.
  • Karlskrona is the Swedish city of jazz of the year 2010. Jazz in Karlskrona is a very active community of people working for music.


  • Sweden Rock is one of the most well-known heavy rock, and metal festival in the region.  So prepare you air guitar.




Photography Credit: Josefin Olevik, 2008.

Outdoor and Sport activities

  • The student’s union is proposing activities thanks to their sport group called Kids (Karlskronas Idrottsektion)
  • The city offers ample sport gym centers with prices for students. Check, Aktiva, Lok&Motion, Friskis&Svettis etc.
  • Of course, there is specialized clubs you should check out (including boxing, weightlifting and martial arts etc. )


Photography Credit: Malin Göteman, 2008.


Karlskrona makes traveling easy

  • There is the Ronneby/Kallinge Airport that serves all Sweden and provides access to Stockholm and other destination in Sweden twice a day. There are also student prices for travelling within Sweden.
  • Karlskrona is only 3.30 hours from Copenhagen by direct train.
  • You can also take a ferry to Poland.
  • The bus services to the local airport correspond to the flight traffic, offering regularity and peace of mind.
  • The city itself is easy to travel by bus and cycling is a piece of cake.
  • Since we are in an archipelago, sailing the islands is also a possibility!
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