The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme (MENIN) is offered as a full-time programme over two academic years, the equivalent to 120 ECTS (högskolepoäng).


Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers for the economic growth of countries, industries, companies and new firms. Future managers need to deal with the challenges of innovation, entrepreneurship at the intersection between management and markets. This program aims to bring theoretical understanding as well as practical skills to handle evolutionary problems and opportunities related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is a two-year master program including practical courses covering entrepreneurship, commercialisation, project management or business plan design. It also demands academic dedication opening avenues toward innovative regions, innovation dynamics either in IT or new innovation configurations. The whole learning environment provides the necessary research methods to identify, design and demonstrate the relevance of entrepreneurship or innovation in a master thesis.

The first year is devoted to entrepreneurship, in particular understanding and analyzing how entrepreneurs from a company perspective, recognize opportunities, and engage in businesses.It takes a practical stance on how entrepreneurship and related processes can be managed. It will also emphasize the understanding of opportunities for individuals and teams, including idea generation and development tools, as well as relevant research methods.

During the second year, students will be introduced to economic issues relative to industrial dynamics, including an evolutionary perspective on innovation, capturing essential aspects of changes in economics cycles, the role of innovation including ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). It will address changing markets’ environment including global innovation trading as well as issues of innovative regions and agglomeration. Those themes address specifically the development of new forms of innovation. Novative research methods help students to capture such changes. 

The program is continually evaluated and developed which may cause the courses offered and the position of the courses to change.

Structure of the program:

Year 1


 Course code



Entrepreneurship and

the innovative firm, 10 hp


Commercialisation, 10 hp


Managerial Economics, 10 hp


Research Method I, 5 hp


Project Management, 5 hp


Research Method II, 5 hp 


Business Plan Design, 5 hp


Innovative regions, 10 hp


Year 2:


 Course code



Innovation dynamics, 10 hp


Economics and management

of innovation and IT, 10 hp


Open Innovation Open Source, 10 hp


Thesis, 30 hp

Some course code may change or may have changed.

Additional courses (not part of the programme) can be taken.  However, the credits are not registered as part of the programme.


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