Telecom & Management Sud-Paris Evry France

Telecom & Management School has autonomy in education programs and in research which is mainly funded through industrial partnership.

  • In research terms, the school is organized in 3 main research pools: (1) Innovation, (2) Information system and Knowledge and (3) Management Meaning and Responsibility. Each of those research laboratories possesses a director of research.
  • We collaborate with their Innovation research pool. The research themes they pursue are: (a) Innovation and markets, (b) Alliances, Business Ecosystems and Networks, (c) Innovation and Finance and (d) Legal aspects of Information Technology.
  • The Innovation research lab is a joint laboratory between Institute Telecom and Alcatel Lucent. They have defined common research objectives within a project called MODEUS (MODèles Economiques et Usage des nouveaux Services  Economic Models and New Services Use).


Name: Elena Maslova

Title: PhD student in Paris.
Speciality: Use of New Service in collaboration with Lucent-Alcatel.

Alumni at BTH.




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