Reading list for students

This page provides links and references to useful reading material in computer science, research methodology, and writing. Within computer science, emphasis is put on machine learning and related areas of research. The page is primilariy aimed at providing Master and Research students with links to introductory, foundational, and inspirational work. Please notify me if you find any broken links or other errors.

Seminal publications concerning machine learning

Note: I use bold text within parentheses to describe, at least from my pespective, one main contribution of each publication.

Breiman, L., Friedman, J. H., Olshen, R. A., Stone, C. J. (1984). Classification and Regression Trees, Chapman & Hall / CRC. (Introduction of the CART decision tree learner)

Inspirational pages

Best Paper Awards 1996 and onwards in computer science and software engineering

Literature about writing

Williams, J. M. (2006). The Craft of Argument.

Williams, J. M. (2010). Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace.

Zinsser, W. (2001). On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing.

Zobel, J. (2014). Writing for Computer Science. Third edition. Springer.

Literature about research methodology

Demeyer, S. (2011). Research Methods in Computer Science. IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance.

Langley, P. W.; Kibler, D. (1991). The Experimental Study of Machine Learning.

Ramesh, V.; Glass, R. L.; Vessey, I. (2004). Research in Computer Science: An Empirical Study. Systems and Software, 70:165-176.

Blogs and web-based tutorials

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