Simon Kagstrom

My name is Simon Kågström and I am a PhD student at BTH. This is my homepage.

My research is about SMP operating systems, where I am currently working on a SMP port of the Dicos OS kernel. I have also been working on the Application Kernel approach, which is a method of porting kernels to multiprocessors with low effort, and a binary instrumentation tool called LOPI and a binary translator named Cibyl that translates MIPS binaries into Java bytecode for J2ME devices.

My work is part of the BESQ project and I'm also a part of the PAARTS group.

My CV can be found here: cv.pdf. I also have a blog and a private homepage where you can read more about me and my interests.


My list of publications has it's own page.

I have recently defended my licentiate thesis

I will defend my PhD thesis


Some of the software I've written during my research and teaching is also placed on it's own page.


I've been involved in various courses.

Game programming

Operating systems


Risk analysis


Embedded systems

Designing and holding labs.


(labs) Some tips/documents for Datorteknik can be found on the datorteknik page.

UNIX programming

(assembly lectures, assembly labs). Some tips/documents for that can be found on the unix programming page.

Computer systems administration

Apart from the education, I'm also administrator of various computers at the university, including the Realtime-lab server and Wiki and the game education wiki as well as a few others (subversion server, serial terminal aggregator, MIPS-lab clients)

Funnily enough, all computers I administer run Debian :-)


You can reach me at the following addresses:

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