The International Workshop on Social Networks and its Applications on Education

Beijing, China, August 4, 2014

(Accepted papers will be submitted to the ASE Public Access Digital Library. All accepted papers will also be published in the Open Journal of Web Technologies (OJWT)


The workshop on Social Networks and its Applications on Education invites papers for presentation at the 7th ASE International Conference on Social Computing. The workshop contributes to encourage interdisciplinary efforts that allow the social computing community to explore the education sector and its growing applications. The objective with this workshop is also to provide researchers and practitioners with the opportunity to share their visions, research achievements and solutions as well as to establish worldwide cooperative research and development. In addition, online social networks allow us to remove the physical classroom all together and with the growing use of mobile devices they also add a value in the shared experience they create. Therefore, in this workshop, we focus on how social media can open up a new space for learning and teaching in education? 


Research contributions are solicited in all areas pertinent to the use of social networks and its applications on education. SoNAEdu-2014 encourages the following topics (but not limited to):

  • The use and benefits of social networks in education 

  • Challenges facing educators using social networks

  • Opportunities for academics and teachers in social networks

  • Privacy and security (including trust) issues related to education and social networks

  • User analysis in web-based systems

  • Collaborative information retrieval

  • Business / e-business / e-commerce

  • Mobile or wearable social networks and systems

  • Sharing systems

  • Big data mining and analytics

  • Applications and case studies of the above

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