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Diarienummer Projekttitel
2003-01818 Integrerade Nätverk i hemsjukvården för personer med diabetes
Projektnummer Bidragsmottagare
20780-2 Blekinge tekniska högskola - Programvaruteknik och datavetenskap
Projektledare VINNOVAs handläggare
Guohua Bai Gunilla Lundén
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Sammanfattning av läget i projektet, delresultat och eventuella avvikelser från projektplanen:
The IMIS mobile part has been partly constructed for testing the technical physibility. A report is available (see bilag)
The planned survey of diabetic type 1 to the whole Blekinge is finished, and 55 of the 80 responded (see bilag).
IMIS is to co-operate with MANGET project (EU IST 507102) in the 2005-06 Work program. A joint meeting was held in Ronneby on 18 of April, and a new meeting is scheduled in Copenhagen (see bilag)
The need specification will be available after sept. and construction of Web will start then. Thus, IMIS project, according to the plan, is going to next period of Web construction (with successive evaluation and needs specification).
Hittills utgivna publikationer (kan även redovisas i separat bilaga):
1. Bai, G. and P. Zhang. Developing a Semantic Web Service for Interoperability in Diabetic Healthcare. in 2nd IEEE Conference on Service Systems and Service Management. 2005. Chongqing, China.
2. Zhang, P. and G. Bai. Motivation Driven Multi-agent Systems Coordination in Health Care. in IADIS International Conference Web Based Communities. 2005. Algarve, Portugal.
3. Zhang, P., Multi-agent Systems in Diabetic Health Care, Licentiate thesis in School of Engineering. 2005, Blekinge Institute of Technology: Ronneby, Sweden
Annan resultat- och kunskapsförmedling:
IMIS project is evaluated as one of the best European practice in the comming European Information Society Conference (EISCO) 2005, Cracow, 2nd-4th June, 2005 (see bilag)
A broad questionary survey to whole Blekinge´s diabetic type 1 families has been conducted, and 55 answerd (total 80 distributed). A report (see bilag) based on a prelimary study of the answered questionaries (see bilagor) will be further analysed and to construct the ´need specification´ for the Web Construction after Sept. this year.
Guohua Bai has participated in European E-health conference Med-E-Tel April 6-8 in Luxebourg, and presented IMIS project.
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EISCO 2005 - Selected Best practices.htm
Enkätfrågor till diabetesbarn i Blekinge1.a.doc
Enkätfrågor till diabetesgymnasister.doc
Övriga kommentarer:
IMIS has produced the first Licentiate (Peng Zhang, bilag thesis). Peng Zhang will take more role in system construction.
The mobile part of the IMIS prototype has been done. This prototype was constructed in C#, on IIS 6.0, Windows Server 2003, and has a database connection of MS Sql.
The platform evaluation report is being reviewed by some experts and will be finished soon.
Marie Persson and Birgitta Hermanson are working out the Need specification for the design of IMIS.


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