Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Development: Distance Learning

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Application-related questions

Course-related questions


Application related questions:


1. Is there a tuition fee for me since I am an international student?

Yes, there is. The Swedish Government has funded tuition fees for ALL students, but from July 2011 all the international students have to pay tuition fees.


2. How do I apply?

The application process in managed through University Admission. We have created a step-by-step info page on how to apply at this link. If you wish to have general information about the application process on University Admission website click here

You need to create a user account on the Univeristy Admission portal - it's estimated to take 5minutes. (If you have an old account on Studera the old username and password should still work).

3. On the University Admissions' website there is mention to application fee and tuition fees. What is the difference? And most importantly, do I need to pay?

The Application Fee (900 SEK) concerns all the international students who apply for the distance course.

Yes, from the iteration of  Fall 2011 onwards International Students will need to pay the tuition fees. 

4. How much is the tuition fee?
The tuition fee is 13100 SEK, which will apply to all the non-European students.

5. And do I have to pay also if I have a European passport?
As a European student, you will need to pay only the cost of the textbook (600 SEK). As regards the textbook payment, it will be explained via email to all the accepted students.

6. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, we will invite the first 70 qualified applicants to participate in the course, and will keep a waiting list in case these spaces are not accepted. The ranking among the qualified applications will be done through number of equivalent ECTS credits. 


7. If accepted, can I apply for a Swedish residence/study permit?

No, the course is web-based, and there is no need to travel to Sweden.


8.  Can I defer my place until next offering?

No, you must re-apply. If you got formally accepted in previous iterations of the course, that automatically means that the documents you sent were complete, so in that case you will only need to apply online. 

9. I still have questions about the documents I need to send. Who should I ask?

If you still have unanswered questions about the application process, please check the Documentation requirements for Masters applicants

10. Do I have to pay or am I exempted?
Are you required to pay the application fee, or are you exempted? Find out more at this link

Course related questions:



1. How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?

  • Hours required weekly for lecture time vary from 1 hour to 4 hours, all of which is pre-recorded and can be accessed online at any time. In addition, there is course reading to be completed throughout the course, plus other online resources to watch/explore.
  • 2 hours of time every 2 weeks are required for live webinars. 1 additional hour in alternate weeks is also required for live discussion with peers.
  • Group assignments require reliable internet presence.
  • The total time commitment for 7,5 credits over 15 weeks is estimated at between 13 hours per week, although this will vary depending on language ability, working style, and comfort level with both the course material and the technology.

2. What does the course assessment consist of?

The course assessment consists of two written assignments (of which Peer Evaluation is a component), an oral exam, and a written final exam.


3. Does the course have a fixed schedule or can I take the lessons when I have the time?

The lectures are pre-recorded, so you can watch them at your convenience.  Also, the live discussion threads and online case studies can be accessed at any time through it's learning (BTH's online platform). There will be 6 webinars, which will all happen on Tuesdays, when participants will log in and interact with peers and the course coordinator. Also, participants will be asked to complete some group work, which will require coordination with others - but will be flexible (and we will form groups consisting of people within similar time zones).


4. What time will the live webinars be held?

Webinars will be scheduled to accommodate different time zones.  Currently webinars are typically scheduled every 2nd Tuesday at 13:00-14:45 UTC and 19:00-20:45 UTC.  You can check your time difference online (e.g. at ). A detailed schedule of activities will be sent to all accepted students in late August - early September. Learning activities will run from late September to early December, 2012.


5. I already have a Masters degree. Will this course be good for me?

Yes, the course is relevant to anyone who wishes to learn about strategic sustainable development.


6. I was referred to a course named "MI2407" Intro to Strategic Sustainable Development,  but this has the course code MI2502. What does it mean? Is this a new course?

No, the course was run for the first time in this format in the fall of 2008 under the code “MI2407”. It has changed its name for administrative reasons but it’s exactly the same course.


7. Can I apply the credits I earn from this course to the Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Programme, or the Master's in Sustainable Product-Service system Innovation?

No you cannot.  If you choose to attend the full MSLS or MSPI programmes at BTH, you will have to complete the entire first course for 15 credits, and there will be some overlap in content.


8. Can I complete my entire Masters Degree by Distance through BTH?

No, we do not currently offer a full master's degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability via distance learning.


9. I have further questions about the course content. Who should I ask?

Please make sure you go through ALL the information provided on the Brochure and on this webpage before emailing a question to the staff. If you still have unanswered questions about the course content, please contact our staff: SustainabilityMasters (at) bth (dot) se

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