How to apply

Please note that participation in this course DOES NOT make you eligible for a Swedish residence permit.

Note: All links will open on a new window, for you to go
through this process step by step

PART A, completion of the online application

1: Create an accout on

create account

2: Look for the course SL2508* in Spring 2015 from the home page. This link gives you the searching criteria
*Please note: it's the same course that we have run over the last few years, it has just changed name for administrative reasons.


3: Once you select it, go to applications.

4: If Intro to Strategic Sustainable Development is your only choice for Spring 2015, you can proceed and "Submit" your application. Apply online ASAP, at the latest by January 9th!


5: Verify that your selection is correct. Pay special attention to i) Univeristy studies and where you completed secondary and Higher Education studies and to ii) whether or not you have to pay the application fee (Q&A on application fee at this link )


Follow up with the application process.

You have now created a user account, and selected the course SL2508  Intro to Strategic Sustainable Development. There is an application fee of 900 SEK that will need to be paid by all international students.
Are you required to pay the application fee, or are you exempted? Find out more at this link

(Please note: in this case, my screenshot shows that I am not required to pay the fee since I am a EU citizen).


This page will lead you to an online paying service.

The payment of the application fee is essential for University Admission to proceed with your application. 

Very Important: If you are an international student and the application fee is applicable to you, please bear in mind that this is the only payment we will need from you until you get notification on whether or not your application has been successful and you have been admitted to the course. BTH will follow up with notifications to the students that have been admitted to the course.



PART B, follow up with the required documents:

Send the following supporting documents subsequently. We strongly recommend to send the documents as soon as possible. In any case all the documentation has to arrive at University Admissions in Sweden to the following address by Janurary 23rd, 2015. This year you can also upload your documents, but all must be originals in colour. Please read the instructions ver carefully on the Swedish Admissions website.

University Admissions in Sweden
FE 20102
SE-839 87 Östersund

a.       Cover sheet

b.      Certificates and diplomas from previous studies at an internationally recognized higher education institution (university or university college)

c.       Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each semester (including course list). If possible, sort them in reverse chronological order, i. e. the most recent on top

Important Notes: there are two different deadlines:

One for Online application: January 9th;
The other for Supporting documents to arrive at University Admissions: Janurary 23rd


Application Status:

If you have applied online before the deadline you might have received a message that says "Requirements not fulfilled". This could be simply because your documents have not arrived to University Admissions yet, so don't worry.

Very likely when you apply your application is marked as a "Late Application" and when you go back to your applications you may see the following message

Information regarding your late application

The application you submitted is considered a late application. Because it is late, it has not been processed

Don't worry, if you apply online by January 9th all applications will be processed (though the system is marking them as "Late")

Supporting Documents

Please refer to the information on University Admissions at this link for the supporting documents needed

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