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Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Development

SL2508 (Distance)


This is a part-time study course. Students should expect to commit approximately 4 hours per week to view online materials and participate in online sessions. Additional worktime is required for assignments and readings.

The course will run from late February to late May, 2015. Specific dates and webinar times will be sent to all admitted participants.

 *The course used to have a different code. Same content and structure.




How to Apply

Note: There is a maximum of 80 students for this course. If more than 80 qualified participants apply, an extra criterion will be used for ranking the willing participants. The ranking amongst applications that have been submitted online before the deadline will be based on number of University credits (ECTS).

Frequently Asked Questions



"As a teacher myself, and one who has some experience with the distance-learning environment, I have been very impressed with the quality of this course.  Not only is the content challenging and engaging, but the diverse format of the course, with its interactive webinars, group projects, recorded video lectures, discussion forums, and reading assignments, have really struck the perfect balance between flexibility and interactivity.  In my opinion, they have created a model for the modern global classroom that others should try to mimic."

Erik Dunmire, PhD, Instructor of Chemistry and Engineering, USA

"It is inspiring and motivating to work together in education projects with students from all over the world and very different working experiences. Next to the content of the course, the people make it really worth the effort."

Gijsbert Koren, Industrial Designer, The Netherlands

“First congratulations. This was the best thing I've done in twenty five years. I view the FSSD as one of the phenomenal "just-in-time" socio-intellectual innovations that may tip the scale towards sustainability success. Truly a remarkable phenomenon, product, and process”

Sustainability consultant, USA

"I could not believe how relevant and appropriate this course was to me! Thanks, I certainly am recommending it to others!”

Entrepreneur, Hong Kong



The course will cover 2 modules:


Module 1: Core Concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD)

  • Today's environmental problems from a systems perspective

  • The cyclical processes in nature vs. the traditional linear use of materials in today's society

  • How to use a systems view and strategic planning for sustainable development

  • Principles of sustainability stemming from basic science: thermodynamics, energy, biological systems and social systems

Module 2:Applications of SSD understanding

  • Various tools and concepts currently in use for sustainable development, and their individual strengths and limitations.

Aims and learning outcomes

On completion of the course the student will:

  • Be able to discuss some of the sustainability challenges facing today's society, including some of the causes of both environmental and society problems.

  • Be able to describe the major components of a framework for strategic sustainable development.

  • Be able to independently apply the strategic planning tool (the ABCD analysis) to an organization.

  • Be able to describe different tools and concepts relevant to sustainable development and demonstrate the ability to apply the SSD framework to describe how these tools and concepts are best utilised.

Learning and teaching


This course is offered to a wide range of graduate-level students in a variety of different educational backgrounds.Through online videos, lectures, group dialogues (both live, via Webinar, and using asynchronous written 'discussion threads'), and assigned readings, students will gain an understanding of the course content. Students will complete assignments on an individual and small group basis, and will share his/her learnings with others through his/her written documents, group discussions and short presentations. There will be both written and oral examinations. The course will be provided in English.





This course is open to all students having at least 180 ECTS credit points of University study (or the equivalent), or any Bachelor's Degree equivalent to the Swedish Bachelor's. English language requirements are English A (minimum score of IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 500). You do not need to be a currently registered student to participate in this course.

Students must have access to broadband internet connection, and will be prepped in advance with information on online conferencing. Additionally, a microphone and webcamera will be required. BTH's online conferencing uses Adobe Connect, which does not require students to download any software to their personal computers.


Application Fee:
For all willing participants, an application fee of 900 SEK is required (approximately 100 Euro, or $140 USD) This payment need to be finalized in order for University Admissions to further process your application.

For European/EEA citizens: While the tuition is currently paid for by the Swedish government, students are required to purchase a course textbook, at a cost of 600 SEK (Swedish Kronor: approximately 65 Euros, $95 USD, check here) which includes shipping fees.

For non European Citizens, the tuition fees will be of 13100 SEK (this price includes the textbook). Instructions about the payment will be sent as the student is accepted as qualified to enroll the course.

Do I have to pay or am I exempted?
To answer this question the best resource is on University Admission at this link

More Information



Further information regarding an overview of the application process can be found on University Admission at this link

Further questions regarding this course content and delivery can be directed to SustainabilityMasters (at)

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Sustainability Consultant, USA Entrepreneur, Hong Kong
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