Our Mission

At BTH, sustainable development is part of our profile Applied IT and Innovation for Sustainable Growth. Our mission is to be nationally leading and internationally competitive within our profile areas.

BTH building with yellow flowers


Since September 2008, BTH has achieved Carbon Neutrality:


BTH shall from September 2008 be climate neutral.

This will first and foremost be realized by proactive measures in BTH's household's and actors' roles that successively reduce our own contribution to the climate problem. We will also use our unique education, research, collaboration and communication competence within our profile to generate climate-smart innovations and to remove, in the long-term, structural barrier against a climate neutral BTH, and a climate neutral society. Our contribution to the climate problem that we cannot eliminate, due to factors that in the short-term are beyond are influence, will be compensated for by purchase of certificates/emission rights.

Board of Director's meeting 2008-08-29


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