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Bridge Project

The primary purpose of this project is to connect researchers' and students' competence with corresponding company needs related to sustainability in order to increase the competitiveness of the regional business community in an increasingly sustainability-driven market while also increasing the attractiveness of BTH.


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Project Activities


Internal Survey of competencies, interests, collaboration and barriers related to sustainability work at BTH (Oct-Nov 2007)

External Survey of companies in Blekinge: work, competencies, interests, collaboration and barriers related to sustainability work (Nov 2007 - Jan 2008)

Development of visual displays of sustainability considerations in everyday life, scientific background information, and research at BTH. Materials are displayed in Building 2 on Campus Gräsvik, and posters can be downloaded for personal use.

Pilot Project: Student collaboration on a sustainability analysis with 15 organizations (took place as part of the Strategic Managment for Sustainability course MI2402, Nov 2007-Jan 2008)

Seminar on Sustainability and Prioritization Support (Nov 14th, 2007). Over 80 people from industry, political and community sectors attended a day-long series of lectures on a Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (pioneered by BTH Adjunct Professor Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt), examples of its application at a partner company, Hydro Polymers, as well as research occuring at BTH in the sustainability field.

BTH Staff Workshop: Exploring Sustainability in our Research and Education at BTH (Feb 7th, 2008). See staff recommendations.

Sustainability Lectures / Seminars / Workshops: the Sustainability Bridge team is available to give supplementary lectures on sustainability in courses and departments.

Interim Report: includes findings from internal and external surveys, outcomes from the staff workshop, and overall recommendations for furthering BTHs capacity to act as a sustainability hub in the region. Recommendations relate to (1) Commitment, (2) Strengthening Sustainable Development Competencies, (3) Intitutionalizing Commitment, (4) Openness, Sharing and Internal Collaboration, (5) External Collaboration Related to Sustainable Development, and (6) External Communication & Marketing.


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