You and your organisation are invited to work with our students

There are many opportunities to collaborate with BTH student in both bachelor's and master's programs. Here are a couple of examples of courses, and we will work to keep this page udpated see please check often for new opportunities!

working together




Learning Period 2 (November through January each year)

Strategic Management for Sustainability (STM)


As one of the required courses of the MSLS program, the STM course provides an overview of strategic management concepts and allows students to practice and gain experience using Strategic Management techniques by applying the concepts to a real organisation. Read more about the STM course or contact the course responsible.


Engineering for a Sustainable Society (ESS)


As an elective course within the MSLS program, the ESS course provides an opportunity for students to learn about product innovation and the opportunities and limits of engineering to support moving toward a more sustainable society. For the course project, students work in groups of 3-5 with at least one engineer and one "non-engineer" to promote both technical accuracy and communication to the masses. The theme of student projects varies from year to year, and for the 2009-2010 year will focus on a sustainability assessment of energy-saving or energy-producing technologies. Read more about the ESS course or contact the course responsible.

See class posters from the fall of 2009 that were on display at WTC Malmö during the COP15 climate talks.



Learning Period 3-4 (January through May each year)

MSLS Thesis


During the second half of their studies at BTH, the MSLS students work in groups of three to complete their thesis project. Note that thesis proposals will be submitted in December of each year, and suggestions for thesis collaboration should be submitted well before then. Read more about the MSLS thesis and collaboration opportunities.



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