Class of 2006 Thesis Projects: sustainability in practice

The 2006 Class was the second generation of students graduated from the  Master's of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. A variety of interesting topics were investigated and many original and challenging perspectives were put forward.

Below is a sample group of some of the thesis projects that students pursued during the 2005/06 academic year:

  • A Structured Approach for Sustainability and Resilience Planning within Municipal Governments (Alexandra Chuvarayan, Isabelle Martel, and Celia Peterson)
  • Strategic partnerships for transformational change towards a sustainable society (Richard Blume, Miriam Karell, and Andrew Outhwaite)
  • Creating a space for building sustainable communities: Can traditional forms of governance offer a solution? (Fredrick Ebeneku-Anim, Ingrid Jacobson, Margaret McRoberts, and Pierre Munyra)
  • Entrepreneurship education and strategic sustainable development (Xiaoou Huang, Jason Niles, and Peter Sims)
  • From Clean Development to Strategic Sustainable Development: Strategic planning for the Clean Development Mechanism (Georges Dyer, Mauricio Mira, and Michelle McKay)
  • Incorporation of Sustainability constraints in Building Construction Projects: The European Example (Babatunde Olukoye)
  • Leveraging the Political System for Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability in Africa: A Nigeria Case Study (Smart Okaeben)
  • Meeting the Challenge of Social Sustainability: generic principles for sustainable governance (Olers Marie Eriksson, Geneva Rae, and Julia Smolyaninova)
  • Carbon Neutrality as Leverage in Transitioning a Financial Organization Towards Sustainability (Melanie Dubin, Tamara Connell, and Magdalena Szpala)
  • Sustainability Aspects and Shortfalls of Biofuel Development (César França, Kate Maddigan, and Kyle White)
  • Sustainable Business: A Contagious Experience (Rachelle McElroy, Itzel Orozco, and Renee Simard)
  • Sustainable carbon sequestration approaches to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels (Lisa Chacon, Benjamin Hornblow, Dan Johnson, and Chris Walker)
  • Sustainable Project Evaluation (John Hoag)
  • Sustainability:  How much and at what cost? (Kathleen Abel)
  • Transitioning towards sustainable building materials in China (Xiuying Tang and Dan Dai)
  • The Evolution of Industry towards Sustainability: A Case Study of the Olive Oil Pressing Industry (Edward Anwana, Zaid Azaizeh, Onur Ozmen, and Ndi George Tebeck)
  • The Iterative Loop Method for Communicating SSD Concepts (Saruhan Araz, Michael Matulac, and Aqib Muhammed)


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