It takes all sorts... solve the complex challenges of sustainability!

45 students from around the world arrived in Karlskrona in late August, 2005 to attend the MSLS programme. As with previous years, participants are drawn from a range of personal, professional and academic backgrounds, and represent the four corners of the world. Countries represented this time are Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Cameroon, Canada, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Turkey, Sweden, and the United States.

Collectively, the Class of 2006 speaks 19 different languages, including the language of mathematics. Each Master’s candidate brings unique and valued skills, perspectives and leadership qualities to the programme. As a whole, the class brings together a tremendous breadth and depth of cultural understanding and professional experience. Students have worked in various business, governmental, and non-profit sectors including manufacturing, local and regional development, international affairs, financial services, forestry, community planning, health & wellness, tourism, telecommunications, transportation, and many more. Within these fields, students have expertise such as strategic planning, design, product development, project management, city planning, communications, engineering, waste management and environmental consulting to name a few.

Download the Class of 2006 brochure created by the students to find out more.




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