The MSLS students meet the International TNS crew

January 18th through 22nd was a busy time for TNS International office, as they organised a week of events in Stockholm for the worldwide TNS stakeholders. The kick-off event, a daylong gathering with the King of Sweden, started on the 18th. On the 19th, various activities were held such as a TNSI visioning workshop and some site visits around Stockholm. The site visits included touring a sustainable developed suburb in Stockholm (Hammarby Sjöstad) as well as the wastewater treatment plant that produces biogas for the Stockholm buses and taxis.

On the evening of the 19th, a “meet and greet” event at the TNSI office was enjoyed by representatives of Canadian communities, personnel from the 12 worldwide TNS offices and MSLTS students. The aim of the event was to give an opportunity to the students and the TNS people to meet and share their work. Each TNS office gave a short presentation of their past and current activities as well as their future plans. The passion and the motivation of the various offices to bring sustainability to the world were evident. An overview of the theses topics of the 2006/07 class was presented by Fiona Wright, Norman Tyler, Sarah Brooks and Sean Spender. The evening continued with everyone enjoying informal chats, hors d'œuvre and wine.

The event was a resounding success, as the students and the professionals working with the Strategic Sustainable Development concepts discussed theses and drew comparisons with practical work experiences. The TNSI staff enjoyed meeting a group of highly motivated students who share their passion. Further collaborations between the two groups had a chance to be discussed.

A lunchtime meeting on the 20th was organized. Ann Cassidy, Fiona Wright, Delphine Le Page, Nobuko Yokoyama, Norman Tyler and Merlina Missimer met with Saralyn Hodgkin, the Canadian TNS eLearning manager, and shared their ideas about the eLearning module. These students had gone through the eLearning module and provided feedback to TNS Canada on their new high-quality training tool.

The MLSTS students enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Stockholm before returning to Karlskrona on the 22nd to embark on their theses work. TNSI organised further international training for the staff of the TNS offices, cumulating a weekend of co-creating, education, feedback and camaraderie.

Article by 2007 MSLS student Delphine Le Page

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