Thesis Projects - Class of 2007

Rock On! : Bringing strategic sustainable development to music festivals, Sarah Brooks; Dan O'Halloran; Alexandre Magnin

Introducing Strategic Sustainable Development in a business incubator, Heidi Blankenship; Viktor Kulhavý; Jonas Lagneryd

Planning for a Sustainable Nexus of Urban Land Use, Transport and Energy, Antoine Belaieff; Gloria Moy; Jack Rosebro

Communicating Sustainability through Design within Retail Environments, Daniel Hendry; Lawrence Silcox; Nobuko Yokoyama

The Campus Sustainability Movement: A Strategic Perspective, Michael Henson; Merlina Missimer; Stephen Muzzy

Community Food Systems: Working towards Sustainability and Satisfying Human Needs, Monique Monteverde; Katie Pease; Anthony W. Thompson

Strategies for Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Supplier Interaction Devices, Shannon E. Fitzgerald; Estela Luck A.; Anne L. Morgan

Strategic Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management, Kirk Tyler; Mohamed Bibri; Norman Tyler

A Bridge to Peace: Strategic Sustainable Development as an approach to Conflict Resolution; Michal Bitterman; Viviana Lopez; Fiona Wright

Enhancing planning for local energy systems by the strategic sustainable development framework; Ann Cassidy; Dephine Le Page; Sean Spender.


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