Sustainable Product Innovation Research Initiative (SPIRIT)

BTH has begun a research initiative with the aim of developing, disseminating and implementing operational support methods & tools for sustainable product innovation.

Our vision is a sustainable global society, and we want Swedish industry to take a leading role through sustainable product innovation, to the benefit also of its own competitiveness. Consideration of sustainability aspects is of increasing commercial significance, both to avoid financial risks linked to resource costs, waste management costs, legislation and flawed investment strategies, and to identify and explore new business opportunities that are likely to evolve for sustainability reasons.

Within ten years we expect:

  • to consolidate BTH as an internationally recognized centre of higher education and research for sustainable product innovation;
  • to develop several demonstrations of extended value-chain cooperation around a life-cycle commitment; and,
  • to significantly influence daily product development practices in at least twenty companies through direct interaction and many more through active dissemination of developed methods, tools and experiences.

Through this research initiative, we expect:

  • to issue 1000 bachelor/master degrees, 80 Lic/PhD-degrees and five to ten professor appointments;
  • to produce environmental labeling criteria for ten product categories, 250 scientific publications and numerous patents; and,
  • unexpected results, spin-offs and to contribute to new sustainability-driven business opportunities.

Graduates of the MSLS programme are a natural fit for this research initiative as they have a solid understanding of backcasting and sustainability.

Click here for more information about SPIRIT of Sweden.

If you have questions about joining BTH to support this initiative through master's level and PhD research, please contact:  Göran Broman (Gö


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