Career Paths for MSLS Graduates



Students in the MSLS programme reflect the diversity of the world and as such they follow many different career paths after graduation. By combining undergraduate studies and prior work experience with a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, graduates have a truly unique set of skills and training that make them invaluable to employers in any context.


With a solid understanding of sustainability, MSLS graduates are well positioned to return to their former employers to lead organisational change efforts related to sustainability or bring sustainability thinking back to their former roles.

The science-based understanding of sustainability and the framework for strategic planning for sustainability taught within the MSLS programme are also a strong foundation for MSLS graduates to work as sustainability practitioners in any organisation in academia, business, government or the non-profit sectors.

Our newsletter, The Trunk & Branches, contains updates from graduates.

Reflections and Testimonials from alumni demonstrate the value the MSLS programme can bring to your career, and the collective contribution our global network is making to a sustainable future.

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