"The question of reaching sustainability is not about if we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources - those we have.

The question is: will there be enough leaders in time?"

                            - Dr. Göran Broman and Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, programme founders

The Challenge

Global society's current path is unsustainable. At the same time, exciting possibilities for new ways forward are emerging - ways that bring human activity into harmony with the greater social and ecological systems that support us, while building better lives for all. How do we change course, to create this better future?

The Solution

We become the leaders and change agents the world needs. We learn to understand our complex world better and to collaborate more strategically and systemically across borders, sectors and disciplines. We transform the ways we think, plan, make, act and lead, in order to ‘co-create’ a vibrant, sustainable future.

Our Invitation to You

Join us in a stimulating, multicultural and multidisciplinary setting to earn your Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS). Strengthen and develop your personal and professional leadership capacities to navigate the complex sustainability challenge:

  • Learn about science- and experience-based methodologies for leading the transition towards sustainability.

  • Together with a highly diverse group of peers, practise your skills at effectively combining and using these collaborative, solutions-focused methodologies.

  • Be welcomed into a supportive, global community of strategic leaders and change agents working across a broad variety of sectors.

The Context

All this takes place in Sweden - a global leader in sustainability - in the 17th century naval town of Karlskrona. A World Heritage site at the end of the train line, Karlskrona is an archipelago town on the south-eastern coast, rich in character, surrounded by natural beauty and just three hours from Copenhagen by train.


Programme specifics

  • The programme is for early to mid career professionals from any professional background and any nation.

  • The programme is taught (and therefore requires proficiency) in English.

  • Applications open November 1st for international students and March 15th  for Swedish students.

  • The programme runs for one academic year from late August to June.

  • Upon successful completion of the degree, a Master's of Science (One Year) in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability will be granted.
  • Entry is competitive to ensure a high quality learning environment.

  • Tuition is fully sponsored by the Swedish government for students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Fees for students from non-EU/EEA countries are:

                              Application fee: 900 SEK

                              Tuition fee: 100000 SEK

                              First payment: 50000 SEK


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