10/10/10 Day of Climate Action: BTH collaborates with SkÄrva Eco Farm

Sunday October 10th, 2010, was an unusually warm and sunny autumn day for Karlskrona, Sweden.

On this day, BTH students and community members gathered at the Skärva Eco-farm for an afternoon of fun and educational workshops on organic agriculture. The event sprang out of a collaboration between BTH students in the Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Master's programme, and Henrik, the Eco-farm manager. The occasion was 350.org's international day (10/10/10) of climate action. Communities around the world on 10/10/10 held work day parties to combat climate change, doing everything from raising wind turbines, to installing solar panels, to planting community gardens. 350.org's vision is that by acting on a local scale, we can inspire world leaders to enact global climate change policy.

About twenty-five BTH students and several community members rode their bikes or took the bus to attend the event. As people arrived, we invited them to leisurely mingle over coffee and cookies provided by Skärva's Eco-Boutique.


101010 Event 1

The day began with Tara introducing the 350.org mission, and James giving an overview of how organic farming can help combat the climate crisis.

101010 Event 2

Then we divided the enthusiastic participants into the different workshops. Some headed out into the garden with Maya and James to clear the fields for winter. Some joined Naomi for a lesson in sprouting and elderberry jam making. Others did a workshop on composting with Lilli and Maarten. Tracy had us harvest fall vegetables in the garden, and Phil gave relief to the busyness of the day with his workshop on meditation.

Around 1pm we paused to enjoy a delicious soup and salad made from the vegetables we had harvested that day! Laughter, conversation and good humor abounded, as everyone enjoyed the sun, the feeling of community, and a shared sense of purpose.


101010 Event 3

Cindy wrapped up the day by asking us all to reflect on what we can do as individuals and as communities to tackle the climate crisis.

Seeing my classmates throw themselves into this work day- ready for fun and fully engaged - made it one of the most inspiring, magical days I could imagine. We became bigger than ourselves. Whether or not our world leaders pay attention, on that day we became our own leaders, full of energy and optimism.


101010 event group photo


Photos courtesy of Christopher Baan, MSLS 2011

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