Meet the MSLS class of 2008

“On the first day of our master’s programme in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability, 60 students entered a round, open room confused but excited. We were asked to generate one collaborative manifesto for our quest to achieve timely, worldwide, cross-cultural sustainability. It was a considerable task for the first day and none of us felt confident in how to begin; we looked at one another, took a deep breath and jumped. To our delight, in an instant, the room exploded into action. Ideas percolated up from every mind, topic committees were formed and rapid notes were taken. It was the moment we had all been waiting for. Shifting towards sustainability is a daunting and nebulous task but after all, we had all come from around the world for just this reason.”

~ Class of 2008, Open Space Workshop, September 2007 ~

And with that, the journey for the MSLS class of 2007/08 began. Made up of an enthusiastic group of 64 sustainability
leaders in training, they represent 18 countries (Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden, Turkey, United States) and a diversity of professional backgrounds and interests. These include engineering, pyschology, natural sciences, economics and business administration, architecture, planning, law, design, public policy, education and IT.

With a large pool of talent to draw from, the opportunities for peer learning (and fun!) are as rich as ever and the class is making good use of the collective wisdom to learn about the world and each other. The positive impact of this class on the BTH and Karlskrona community is already evident too, and will no doubt continue throughout the year.

Click here to download biographies of the MSLS class of 2008.


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