Where are the leaders of tomorrow?

What do a Brussels lobbyist, a Nigerian Engineer, a Brazilian Green Architect, a Canadian Graphic Designer and a Chinese Business Manager have in common? Among other things they share a concern for the state of the world and a recognition that new skills and knowledge are needed to succeed in an era of rapid change.

These are the sustainability leaders of tomorrow. They represent a small sample of the talented professionals that attend our international master’s programme ‘Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability'. They have dedicated themselves to a year of learning the science, a strategic framework and tools, and developing leadership skills required for organizational change.

Soon, they will join a global alumni network and re-enter business, government and non-profit organizations, bringing with them the skills and know-how to guide strategic action towards sustainability.

Are you seeking to develop sustainability expertise within your organization? Do you know someone with the passion and dedication to rise to the greatest challenges of our time? Are you the next sustainability leader?

Visit our website www.bth.se/msls or contact us at sustainabilitymasters@bth.se to find out how a master's degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability can help you and your organization.

Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

International master's programme

Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.


Applications open 1st December, 2007 .


How to apply


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