Thesis Projects: A lifetime of learning has only just begun

September 2005

The inaugural Master's of Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability class concluded their studies at Campus Gräsvik with the submission of their written group thesis projects on 6th June, 2005. Prior to the celebrations, each group was also required to present their thesis during the final weeks of term to a mixed audience of fellow students, BTH examiners and invited guests.

A variety of interesting topics were investigated and many original and challenging perspectives put forward. Below is a sample group of some of the thesis projects that students chose to pursue during the MSLS programme:

  • Engaging Individuals to Act Strategically towards Sustainability
  • Using Principles of Social Sustainability: A Strategic Approach
  • Non-Financial disclosure and Strategic Planning: Sustainability Reporting for Good Corporate Governance
  • A Learning Organization? Evaluating the University of Canterbury’s Strategic Transformation Toward Sustainability
  • Sustainability Accounting as a Tool for Strategic Industry Change – Using the UK Cement Industry as a Model
  • Energy Strategies Towards Sustainability: a comparative analysis of community energy plans from Sweden and Canada
  • Opportunities for Global Sustainability
  • Touchpoint: A Foundation for Sustainable Product Development
  • Strategic Community Economic Development and Small Business: Cooperation for Sustainability
  • How Entrepreneurs can be Change Agents in Local Community Movement towards Sustainability
  • Sustainable International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Sustainable Society
  • Transitioning Towards Sustainable Rural Electrification in Developing Countries: a case study of Luangwa district in Zambia
  • How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?
  • Health and Strategic Sustainability: Business to Business


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