Application for Admission

In Sweden, applications are processed by a central body called University Admissions which is separate and independent from BTH and the MSLS staff. 

The MSLS programme has a two-step application process for international applicants:

Step 1

Apply on-line via Before applying, make sure you read all instructions from BTH for prospective students, as well as the guidance posted at

A direct link to our programme at can be found here.

* Please be sure that when you apply online that you carefully rank the programmes to which you apply. If you are accepted by your top ranked programme, you will not have the option to attend any lower ranked options, even if you would have been accepted by these lower ranked programmes

For Swedish and EU applicants, please scan your passport original and submit it to University Admissions in order to qualify for free admissions.

For non-EU Applicants please pay the application fee as listed on University Admissions for your application to make it to step 2 below.

The online applications are officially open from November 1, 2015 to January 15, 2016.

You are encouraged to apply as early as possible, so that your documents can be processed faster and you have a chance to compliment the application should something be missing. 

Step 2 - Documenting your Eligibility for Studies

Submit the documents as outlined below (complete with your registration number received in Step 1) to University Admissions. Depending on the country your bachelors is from, you are able to submit some of your documents online. Please check the University Admissions website to see what you can up-load and what you must send by post. All documents uploaded must be originals.

Do not send any documents to the MSLS Office nor to BTH Admissions Office.

Applications by all international students must meet standard requirements established by the AND specific requirements related to this Master's programme as listed below.

To be considered in the first round, all documentation must be received prior to February 2, 2016.

Documents that arrive after this date will be considered as 2nd round (late) applications. We encourage you to submit your documents as early as possible to have the chance to compliment them before the deadline should something be missing.


Required Documents

1. General Requirements for all International Master's Students at Blekinge Institute of Technology: must receive the following documents:

  • University graduation certificate*; Bachelors degree* or higher education (*Original certificate or a noterized copy)
  • University transcripts* (course lists), i.e. subjects from each semester containing marks/grades (*Original certificate or a noterized copy)
  • Where English is not your native language, certificate from specific eligibility in English language, scoring at English B level. See here for more info on English requirements.
  • A copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph, or some other identification document.

**For details about the official documents you must submit, please click here. Note that certain countries have special requirements for how the documents should be sent. As an example: If your degree was awarded in Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, or USA, an official transcript of record must be sent directly from your university in a sealed envelope, to the address above. Also note that there are certain exemptions (see them here) from the proof of English ability requirements. BTH and the MSLS staff cannot assist with further exemptions, so please contact to discuss your case.

MSLS Application Processing Overview PDF:


2. Specific requirements related to the Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability masters programme:

(Please submit these along with any other documents to University Admissions)

1. Relevant Work Experience

The programme requires relevant work experience (internship, volunteer service, full or part time work, extra-curricular activity) over the course of at least 6 months that demonstrates your experience with social and/or environmental causes.

We are looking for examples that demonstrate your commitment to social and/or environmental sustainability; examples of meeting the requirement may be:

  • A full or part time internship, volunteer service, job or extra-curricular activity that was a regular activity and spanned the course of 6 months or longer (e.g volunteer service every weekend for 6 months).
  • Multiple full or part time internships, volunteer services, jobs or extra-curricular activities that together spanned the duration of 6 months or longer (e.g. multiple summer volunteer services or internships that together span the duration of 6 months).

You can demonstrate that you meet this requirement by submitting any of the following:

  • A certificate

  • A Letter of confirmation from the organization/person providing this experience, that you have indeed worked there

  • A letter of recommendation from the organization/person providing this experience

MSLS Work Experience Tips PDF:

MSLS Work Exp Thumb

 2. Motivational Essay

An essay explaining your interest in the programme and providing some information on your relevant personal or professional experience - maximum 5 pages / 2500 words.

3. Two Recommendations

Written recommendations from two individuals knowledgeable about your skills and abilities. You may receive these directly and place them in the package of all documents.

4. Curriculum Vitae (Resume) - maximum 2 pages, 12 font.


Further Questions? Please visit the Prospective Students page from BTH and/or the Frequently Asked Questions page from for all issues related to documentation. The MSLS Office is not able to assist in these matters. If your question is not answered by the Frequently Asked Questions pages, please contact the MSLS office for special assistance - note that this might take a bit longer for follow up.


Key Dates for Applications and Admissions

For more information on the important dates,for both applications and admissions (i.e. When will I know if I'm admitted?), please visit BTH's key dates section. Be sure to scroll down to Master's degree dates!



For information about how applications are evaluated:

Our evaluation process is based on the following criteria, each point 'weighted' equally:

  • Academic standing in previous university-level study
  • Relevance of degree (and constituent courses) for a transdiscipline, science-based Master's degree in strategic sustainable development
  • Demonstrated relevant work/volunteer experience
  • Demonstrated interest in "strategic leadership towards sustainability" ("SLS")


Help for non-EU Applicants

If you require help with your admissions process, Please get in touch with Kitesh which is an organisation which offers free help to assit students to get through the applications process to attend MSLS. Their information can be found here. Kitesh logo





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