Introduction to Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability (Required)

The purpose of this course is to learn about core concepts of strategic sustainable development (SSD), including a thorough understanding of a structured planning and decision making model for application to real world issues. Course content also includes scientific basics, organisational learning and change, leadership, strategic management, macro-economics, public policy, and other concepts - all as they relate to the core concepts of SSD.

Scheduled lecture/seminar hours: 15-20 hours/weekCourse Fee: 500 SEK - Textbook and Reference Materials

The course includes 6 learning modules:

Introduction: Welcome, Introductions, Orientation, Team-building

Core Concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development: Core Concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development: Overview of the core concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) using a whole-systems approach and a structured framework (i.e. “The Natural Step Framework”), the current sustainability challenge, systems thinking, planning in complex systems, shared mental models for group creativity, tools and concepts aligned with basic principles and guidelines.

Scientific Foundations of Ecological and Social Sustainability: The ecological foundations include evolution, conservation laws, stocks and flows, thermodynamics and biogeochemical cycles. The Social foundations include constitutional aspects of human society, basic human needs and satisfiers, efforts to approach the definition of social sustainability, guidelines and tools for social Sustainable Development.

Economics and Governance of our Commons: Introduces the concepts of tragedy of the commons, the need for governance, sustainability perspective of major macro-economics schools and public policy tools for strategic sustainable development.

Strategic Management, Organisational Learning & Change: Covers an overview of strategic management as it relates to SSD.It will touch on topics such as organisational learning, co-creation, leadership, visioning, organisational function, decision making, grey areas, empathy, culture and structure.

Related Concepts: It covers concepts and tools related to SSD, including systems dynamics, industrial ecology, and sustainable product development

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