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Karlskrona residents join International Day of Action on Climate Change on October 24th

This Saturday 24 October, Karlskrona will be part of the world's largest action to urge leaders to take bold and immediate steps to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions. In the central square in Trosso people will form a human graph to show how carbon dioxide can be brought down to 350 parts per million in our global atmosphere and avoid dangerous climate change.

“With less than 50 days left before the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, we’re calling on the Swedish Government to lead the EU and the world in creating an ambitious, binding, fair and science-based climate deal,” said Jonatan Malmberg of 350 Karlskrona.

People are invited to bring family, friends and workmates to this fun event, and show that you want swift action to safeguard our future.


Event details

Saturday October 24, 12:00 pm sharp
Stortorget central square, Trosso, Karlskrona
(Look for the 350 signs)


Aerial images of the Karlskrona event will be shared across the world, broadcast in Times Square New York and presented to the UN.


What is 350?

350 parts per million is the safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We're already dangerously past that level at 387 parts per million; the cause of the climate crisis.

350 is the solution, and has been endorsed as a climate target by 89 Governments, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s foremost climate economist, Sir Nicholas Stern, and Nobel prize-winner Al Gore.


High-resolution aerial images of the human graph will be available for publication from 12:30 on Saturday 24 October.


About 350 Karlskrona

The 350 Human Graph is organized by a range of concerned Karlskrona residents, local environment groups and students.



Founded by author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, is the first large-scale grassroots global campaign against climate change. Its supporters include leading scientists, the governments of 92 countries, and a huge variety of environmental, health, development and religious NGOs. All agree that current atmospheric levels of CO2—390 parts per million—are causing damage to the planet and to its most vulnerable people, and that government action at the Copenhagen climate conference is required to bring the earth’s carbon level swiftly down to 350 parts per million.


350 Karlskrona contacts:

Jonatan Malmberg: 07657 97925

Kati Thompson: 07372 6742  

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