Community Art Event Coming Soon!

By Ryan Richardson

As visitors to Karlskrona, MSLS students are in a unique position to experience the Swedish culture and surroundings, but time is short and it can be challenging to break out of the MSLS bubble and mingle with the community at large. In an effort to bridge this gap, and to give back to a community that has hosted us so graciously, members from the 2008 MSLS class are organizing a community event focused around art and community involvement. Our vision is to hold an event that would allow local artists, musicians and community groups to reach out to the general public in an entertaining and creative atmosphere. This will be a non-profit event with all proceeds raised given back to local charities, community groups, and artists.

The event will kick off on the evening of June 5, 2008 which corresponds with World Environment Day, and will continue all day on June 6, 2008 for Swedish Flag Day. Although the event is in its early planning stages, it has been very well received by local government and community groups. We are collaborating with many local groups to incorporate our art event into the current celebration of World Environment Day. Karlskrona Kommun, the local municipality, has sponsored and funded our event, and encouraged us to hold it on Swedish Flag Day. It is a perfect fit for this event to be held on a day meant to celebrate Sweden, and a great match with the MSLS programme to kick-off on a day that celebrates the environment.

This article is included in the Spring 2008 edition of the Trunk & Branches.  Download the full newsletter here.

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