New Research Project at BTH - Labelling and Procurement Support for Sustainable Product Innovation

The Research-team at BTH was recently granted 2,958,000 SEK from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation for a three year project called "Labelling and Procurement Support for Sustainable Product Innovation".

The project aims to investigate how the framework for strategic sustainable development (FSSD) could aid the criteria development process for product labelling and procurement schemes. Labelling and procurement schemes are important instruments for communication of demands and qualities, which affect both consumers and product developers. To utilize their full potential we believe that these instruments should be further developed to include a full socio-ecological perspective as well as the strategic dimension (development over time).

Some expected results:

  • Development of improved development processes for product labelling and procurement criteria that reflect both sustainability requirements and the needs and reality of industry.
  • Clarification of how to use sustainability criteria in procurement specifications.
  • More comprehensive definition, assessment and understanding of ‘sustainable products' as a lever for change within organisations and the business community.
  • The creation of innovative sustainable products.
  • Development and analysis of front-edge methods and tools for sustainable product development.


Dr. Sophie Hallstedt, who is the project manager, aims to find interesting projects for the MSLS students from this research work. Cecilia Bratt is one of the PhD students working in the project and Prof. Karl-Henrik Robèrt and Prof. Göran Broman are also researchers involved from BTH. For more information look at the home page:


This story is included in the Winter 2009 edition of the Trunk & Branches newsletter. To view the full newsletter, please click here.





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