VP European Commission visits Karlskrona

“… today no matter where you live, be it in Karlskrona, Florida or Indonesia, our lives are and faiths are intrinsically linked to each other through the fact of globalization.  We simply can not talk about governance and democracy for a sustainable Europe without including the rest of the world in the picture and I think this is really the added value of the concept of sustainable development … it has to do with the fact that it puts the future and the rest of the world into the picture…” - Margot Wallström, VP European Comission

The Karlskrona Dialogues, the public outreach programme of the Master’s of Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability programme at Blekinge Institute of Technology, was pleased to host the visit of the European Commission’s Vice-President, Ms. Margot Wallström, on January 12th, 2006. Ms. Wallström spoke on issues of Governance and Democracy for a Sustainable Europe. After speaking to the audience, Ms. Wallström took questions from the audience on a range of topics including REACH and Plan D for Dialogue, Democracy and Debate.

For access to a video recording of the event click here.

The following morning, Ms. Wallström lectured to the Masters students from both the European Spatial Planning and Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability programmes.

Ms. Wallström has a distinguished international political career, having had a significant impact in several portfolios both in her home country of Sweden, and within the wider European arena. Recent appointments have included a posting as European Commissioner for the Environment, Senior Advisor to the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) Tsunami relief effort in Asia and she has held a post as European Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication since August 2004. President Barroso created this role in order to improve the way the central European government communicates to its citizens.

More information about other events in the series visit: The Karlskrona Dialogues.

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