Peace Boat Welcomes BTH to Share about Strategic Sustainable DevelopmenT

In early September, MSLS Programme Director Tamara Connell, left Karlskrona to head south to Le Havre, France to join the 74th Global Voyage of the Peace Boat (see

peace boatThe 74th voyage is 101 days long, and travels the globe with approximately 850 (primarily Japanese) participants who have decided to learn more about peace and sustainability.

While on board, Tamara conducted one lecture on the basis of strategic planning towards sustainability (aka the ABCD planning process), one workshop on Human Needs, one workshop on a sustainability life cycle assessment (using a pair of jeans—see picturesbelow), and one game related to understanding and appreciating culture differences. Her six days on board covered the trip from Le Havre, France to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and then to the port of disembarkment, Nynamsham, Sweden.

Peace boat SLCA participantspeace boat tamara

(Photos: Top from, Lower Left and Lower Right from Leon James.)


Tamara reflected, “It was truly an inspiring experience. I could not believe how diverse the group was—with people of all ages and walks of life. The projects that they are working on (many connected to the Tsunami and Nuclear disaster events from March of this year) show so much love and perseverance. It was an absolute pleasure, and I hope to be able to join future voyages if possible.”

A big thanks goes to Chieko Azuma and Yurie Makihara for initiating this invitation, and to Chieko and her team of translators who provided great service to bridge the language gap on board.


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