MSLS Thesis Projects Winning Prizes Around the World!

A group thesis completed in just 4-5 months is a challenging task, indeed. So, completing that task and submitting the final draft to your advisor can be a very rewarding experience, worthy of celebration. Imagine how it feels to later find yourself receiving congratulatory emails and phone calls to advise that you have also been awarded additional prizes.

This is the case for three MSLS 2011 thesis projects, who have recently won awards for their excellent work. Big congratulations go out to our students: (1) the thesis group of Tamar Harel, Carmelina Macario, and Sara Carreno, who won 50,000 SEK in the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan Awards; (2) the thesis group of Alison Cretney, Steven Cretney, and Tracy Meisterheim, who won 25,000 SEK in the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan Awards; and (3) the thesis group of Funmilayo Akinosi, Daniel Nordlund, and Alejandro Turbay, who won at the International Microfinance Awards 2011.


Sparbank Award 2011Mircrofinance Award 2011


This story, and many other updates about our alumni, can be found in the Winter 2011/12 edition of the Trunk & Branches. Click here to view the whole newsletter.

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