Collaboration with Canadian Bioenergy Corporation

In our thesis, “Sustainability Opportunities and Challenges of the Biofuels Industry” we undertook research on Templates for Sustainable Product Development (TSPD) of the biofuels industry with the involvement of the Canadian Bioenergy Corporation, Vancouver, Canada. The TSPD was used as a tool for strategic sustainable biofuels development using basic principles for sustainability. The template approach, used initially with TV's at Matsushita Japan, is being researched at Blekinge Institute of Technology, with input from industry, stakeholders, and sustainability experts. The tool strives to be relatively simple and manageable, without being simplistic, bringing social, ecological, and economic sustainability throughout the life cycle of biofuels.
When asked, Ian Thomson of Canadian Bioenergy Corporation said of his collaboration with the biofuels thesis group, “The most useful aspect of contributing to the project was that it caused us to examine more closely the impacts of biodiesel and add to the obvious ones we clearly see. It also brought up the discussion about certification and the value that this would bring. Any renewable harvest must be done under sustainable conditions and the certification regime would help with that.”
Any future collaboration with Canadian Bioenergy would likely involve research around certification of sustainably-produced biofuels.

- César França, Kate Maddigan, and Kyle White

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