Students from the Masters programme were invited to the Stockholm Clean Vehicles Conference by Per Carstedt (BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation). Attending the conference would provide the students with a dose of 'learning by doing' and an excuse to go an a class trip.  From November 7-11th, 2005, the students headed off to challenge themselves in approaching sustainability from a hands on perspective:

  • Lund: stayed at the Train Hostel and networked with the LUMES students;
  • Tetra Pak: site visit and presentation from the MSLS students to the Tetra Pak staff about sustainability and the role which Tetra Pak could play in getting there;
  • Smeden Ecovillagea walking tour to see the multi-family dwellings, water well where resident water source is obtained, a ‘living machine’ or engineered wetland for sewage, and the community centre;
  • King's Mound:  Viking burial site, yoga and stretching in "the nature";
  • Stockholm Clean Vehicles Conference:  attended the conference and challenged attendees about the role of biofules in a sustainable future.
  • Golden Hall: dinner and a guided visit of the palace;
  • Stockholm University: networked with students from the Natural Resource Management, Governance and Globalisation master's programme at the student pub;
  • "Bull Shit": attended the documentary about Vandana Shiva, the Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist, and engaged with her in the Q&A session which followed;
  • Stockholm Environmental Institute:  learned about their approach to sustainability and the critical state of the phosphorous cycle; and,

As a follow up from the Stockholm Clean Vehicles Conference attendance, three of the students from the 2005/2006 class decided to focus their thesis on the topic of Sustainability Aspects and Shortfalls of Biofuel Development (César França, Kate
Maddigan, and Kyle White).


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