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Leadership is vital. We can all support the tradition of giving to the MSLS community, to ensure the continued success of this outstanding programme in education for sustainable development.  Contributing to the development of tomorrow’s leaders is a direct way you can demonstrate your leadership towards sustainability.

Annual giving is the cornerstone of fundraising for the MSLS programme. Much appreciated funding from the Swedish government covers minimum operating costs. An outstanding programme relies on additional support to maintain its level of excellence and innovation. The MSLS programme is committed to using donations effectively in support of our mission. Funds raised will be used to educate leaders who will contribute to meaningful, positive change for society well into the future:

Student Scholarships which are essential in protecting the international and cross-cultural profile of the class by providing funds to students who lack the personal resources to finance a year in Sweden – particularly those from poorer regions of the world. Scholarships are vital to the success of the MSLS programme, for without them we will miss the opportunity to host qualified, passionate students from parts of the world where strong sustainable development leadership is desperately needed. A gift of US$10 000 will allow a student participate in the programme, and our goal is to provide scholarships for at least ten students annually.

Sustainability Internships that provide recent MSLS graduates an opportunity to closely interact with business leaders, government policy makers and academic experts. Through placement programs, we can strengthen and extend the learning experience, strengthen our own core staff, and foster our relationships with our partners.

Visiting Leaders and Scholars Exchange which brings top sustainability experts and leaders, particularly those with global perspectives, to share their experiences with the MSLS class, other BTH students and the local community. To date, we have hosted Dr. Göran Carstedt, former senior executive with IKEA and Volvo, Leif Johansson, CEO of Volvo Group, Margot Wallström, Vice President of European Commission and many others. While these individuals are happy to participate in our programme, we need to ensure that we have the resources to cover their inevitable expenses, and continue to expand our offering of fresh and diverse perspectives.

In appreciation of our donors, we invite them into the StratLeade Network – along with other businesses, organisations, individuals and alumni whose support enables the MSLS programme to continue to deliver a world-class education experience.

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