MASK - the student environmental group at BTH was revived by some of the MSLS students in September 2005.  The group was comprised of both Swedish and international students from a range of programmes.

Amongst their achievements, the group was able to do the following:

  • worked with BTH to implement an improved recycling system on the Gräsvik campus;
  • worked with the IT department to cut paper wastage;
  • participated in meetings with Environmental Coordinator, IT and Mechanical Engineering department staff and the Vice Chancellor; and,
  • participating in a brainstorming session to make BTH a sustainable campus.

With the new students joining BTH in the coming years, they are planning to continue:

  • raising awareness about sustainability amongst the students and staff at BTH via surveys, a recycling sculpture, and articles in the student magazine; and,
  • working with BTH on incorporating sustaiability principles in the purchasing policy.

Their year culminated in a joint effort between MASK and the African students at BTH to put on the African Day and MASK Fair which provided attendees with much to engage in:

  • Art exhibition by architecture & spatial planning students;
  • Sustainable chocolate tasting & display;
  • Baltic Sea information, Tourist Bureau stand, and MASK information desk;
  • Tango demonstration & participation;
  • Afffärsverken recycling display & compost samples;
  • BTH Environmental Management System information desk;
  • Lunch from Goa;
  • Bread-baking with ingredients from Eco-butik at Skärva;
  • Free second-hand clothes exchange; and,
  • Bicycle repairs.

Click here to access the MASK webpage at BTH!

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