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The Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Master's programme (MSLS) is hosted at Campus Gräsvik, in the city of Karlskrona, the capital of Region Blekinge in the south of Sweden. The city is situated on an archipelago and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique naval heritage.

Karlskrona abounds with cultural buildings and its beautiful natural setting makes it a tourist destination in summer, with regular ferries through the archipelago. The island setting means there is good access to beaches and bathing areas, and water sports such as sailing, kayaking, and canoeing are popular. In the winter months there is some snowfall, though Karlskrona's climate is considered mild compared with more northerly parts of Sweden.

With its 60,000 inhabitants, Karlskrona is large enough to give you necessary conveniences and small enough to provide an intimate and idyllic setting for learning.

Studying the MSLS programme also provides the opportunity to explore the Swedish way of life by learning Swedish, visiting cultural attractions and the beautiful natural surroundings, and exploring the activities and initiatives around the country that make Sweden a leading nation on sustainability.

Academic Experience

Studying in Sweden may be quite different from what you are used to. While the Swedish educational system emphasises academic quality, it is also permeated with an open and informal atmosphere where students are expected to develop their own intellect. Group work, personal initiative and critical thinking are all important. The relationship between staff and students is informal.

Student Life

With the many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes being completed by students from all over the world, BTH's student life abounds with diversity. There are opportunities to participate in a range of activities from joining sports and social clubs, to DJ-ing at the student bar, to organising events such as international dinners and creative events of all kinds.

MSLS students are heavily involved in campus activities and the professional experiences and entrepreneurial spirit of the MSLS class are put to good use promoting sustainability and cultural exchange within the student body. MSLS students are also active in the community and are connected to local supporters of sustainable development. Many years, the class hosts a public outreach activity bringing some of the world's most recognised experts in the sustainability field to Karlskrona.

Within the MSLS community itself, what goes on during classes is only part of the overall experience. The intensity of the programme, its design as a learning journey and its highly international character (40-60 students attend from over 20 countries each year) make it unique on campus. The diversity of skills and experiences in each class allows for a variety of self-organised activities and ensure you'll leave Karlskrona with a unique experience and many fond memories. The close friendships formed during the year translate into a strong international alumni network of sustainability colleagues after graduation.

Welcome To The Community!

Within MSLS, a unique micro-culture exists. The intensity of the programme, its design as a transformational learning journey and its highly international character make it unique—on the BTH campus and in the world.

The environment is intimate, supportive and challenging. Expect peer learning and a collegial coaching relationship between instructors and learners. You will be challenged to stretch, grow and expand your ways of looking at the world. Personal reflection and a willingness to engage fully with a variety of learning approaches are as important to success in the programme as academic achievement.

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Campus Gräsvik provides an intimate and multicultural setting that is ideal for learning and knowledge-exchange. It is situated by the water's edge and close to nature trails.


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