Thesis Project Ideas

Past and current students have expressed an interest in working with organisations in a range of topic areas including sustainable business, community planning, resource management, sectoral studies such as sustainable agriculture or construction, education, social change and global governance. These serve as examples of possible areas for future collaboration and demonstrate the diversity of MSLS students and their interests.

Sustainable Business & Finance

  • Reorienting SMEs towards sustainable business goals
  • Sustainable business strategy
  • Sustainable supply chain management, procurement and purchasing policy
  • Getting employees involved in sustainability
  • Quality assurance related to brand identity of affiliate franchise organisations
  • Revenue models for SSD capacity-building
  • Socially Responsible Investing and Strategic Sustainable Development

Sustainable Construction

  • Sustainable construction guide for companies
  • Sustainable architecture and habitats
  • Greening the large-scale construction industry

Sustainable Communities

  • Bioregionalism
  • Local business as a way to lead towards sustainability within communities
  • Strategic planning for local energy systems

Sustainable Resource Management

  • Sustainable water management

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Increasing the Energy Return On Investment of agriculture
  • Urban agriculture
  • Permaculture / organic food production

Education for Strategic Sustainable Development

  • Ways to engage different audiences
  • Education through marketing for leverage shifts in global scenarios
  • Culture memes and cultural preception shifts for motivating individuals

Culture and Strategic Sustainable Development

  • Culture shifts, religion, culture memes
  • Western vs. Eastern cultures for working towards sustainability

Sustainability and the Individual

  • Promoting individual behaviour shifts
  • Self-awarenes and personal leadership
  • Physical body awareness and wilderness experiences as a way to shift perception and deepen understanding of strategic sustainable development
  • Humour and stories for bringing people together

Sustainability and Global Conflict Resolution

  • Sustainable development as a bridge to peace in areas of conflict


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