Completed Theses, Class of 2010

Nature Inspired Guidelines to Effectively Communicate Sustainability Messages Andrea Altmann, Heather Shand, Maya Givon.

The S-E-A-T approach to Strategic Guidance for Planning towards Sustainable Transportation Sven Borén, Stefan Alvemo, Gu Qing

Sustainable Supply Chains: Moving Chinese Garment Manufacturers Towards Sustainability Zach Anderson, Mark Bannister, John Silkey

Strategic Sustainable Product Development - A Case of an SME in the Sealing Industry Anna Barkan, Olaf Postel, Daniel Gunarsson

Open Source as Leverage towards Sustainable Housing Charlotte Barrow, Stephanie Peterka, Tuna Ozcuhadar

Applying Construal Level Theory to Communication Strategies for Participatory Sustainable Development Dependable Hickory Strongheart, Fabio Bordoni, Florence Obison

The Business Case for Sustainability: An Investigation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the House Building Construction Sector in the UK and Sweden Victor Branagan, Matthew Mayer, Pravin Mallick

Slow Fashion: Tailoring a Strategic Approach towards Sustainability Carlotta Cataldi, Maureen Dickson, Crystal Grover

Engaging Action: A Systemic Approach to Communication Design of Social Marketing Campaigns for Behaviour Adoption Rebecca Dahl, Steve (Spud) Marshall, Larysa Metanchuk

Collaborative Services: Communities Innovating towards Sustainability Ronny Daniel, Laura MacPherson, Maurita Prato, Sophia Horwitz

An Innovation Approach for Sustainable Product and Product-Service System Development Kara Davis, Pinar Oncel, QingQuig Yang

Developing an Interconnected Worldview: A Guiding Process for Learning Simon Evitts, Dylan Skybrook, Brendan Seale

Moving Towards Sustainable Community Renewable Energy: A Strategic Approach for Communities Leigh Greenius, Kati Thompson, Elsa Jagniecki

Behind the Scenes: Media Industry Stakeholders Collaborating Towards Sustainability Georgina Guillen, Jennifer Katan, Xu Bin

Supporting Sustainable Rural Tourism in British Columbia through Strategic Incentives Amanda Hachey, Giuliana Netto, Lea Thuot

Barriers and Assets for Sustainability in Japanese Organizations Kiminori Isaka, Yurie Makihara, Samuel Pereda

Transportation in Shanghai: A Decision Support System to Move towards Sustainability Lu Jing, Xu Quchen, Zhuang Yangping

Sustainable E-waste Management: Using the FSSD in a Case study at NUR Wyeth Larson, Matthew Lobach, Ece Utkucan

Sustainable Neighbourhood Reconstruction in the Urban District Shangchao Lin, Peng Peng, Zhenhua Zhou

Success Factors for Supporting Intercultural Engagement of Employees towards Sustainability Zhuona Li, Shahla Rajaee, Nathan Stinnette

Large Scale Collaboration towards Strategic Sustainable Development Juan Carlos Kaiten; Kara Stonehouse; Sonja Niederhumer

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