MSLS Alumnus Obtains New Job as Environmental Coordinator at BTH

We are excited to announce that one of our alumni will take on an even larger role in implementing sustainabilityHeleen initiatives at BTH.

From March 1st Heleen Podsedkowska will start to work as the Environmental Coordinator at BTH. To start with it is a part-time position (50%). Heleen´s major task will be to develop, implement and monitor an environmental management system (EMS) at BTH. Another task will be to adapt all of BTH to the recently announced climate neutral profile.

These are exciting and challenging tasks because Heleen will start to work with one tool (EMS) for achieving sustainability. She aims to spread the word about the FSSD and after that to start applying the FSSD in her work to move BTH towards sustainability.

Congratulations, Heleen!


This story is included in the Winter 2009 edition of the Trunk & Branches. To see the full newsletter, please click here.

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